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Mirror Installations | Shirin Abedinirad
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Mirror Installations | Shirin Abedinirad

These mirror installations are by Shirin Abedinirad, an Iranian artist who splits her time between Tehran, Iran, and Florence, Italy. Through her art, Abedinirad often explores complex issues related to humankind, in the case of her mirror work, the focus is on the relationship between the human mind and elements of nature. In particular, these two projects focus on the absence of water both in a concrete jungle in Italy (Heaven on Earth: Italy, 2014), and in the arid deserts of Iran (Evocation: Iran, 2013). We find both works absolutely stunning. Some images can be found below, and you can find more of her work on her website or on Tumblr.

MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_01 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_02 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_03 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_04 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_05 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_06 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_07 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_08 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_09 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_10 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_11 MirrorInstallation_feeldesain_12

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