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Melted Portraits | Brian Donnelly
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Melted Portraits | Brian Donnelly

These “melted” portraits are the work of Canadian artist Brian Donnelly, who uses hand sanitizer and turpentine to make the colours of his portraits run into colourful streams. His pieces add a vulnerability to his work, and make you focus on the detail in the rest of the portrait, like the fantastically detailed hairstyles and vibrant colours he uses. Check out a selection of pieces below, and go to his website to see more.

Images: Brian Donnelly

Donnelly_feeldesain_01 Donnelly_feeldesain_02 Donnelly_feeldesain_03 Donnelly_feeldesain_04 Donnelly_feeldesain_05 Donnelly_feeldesain_06 Donnelly_feeldesain_07

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