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Making Customers Feel at Ease By Using the POS Systems
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Making Customers Feel at Ease By Using the POS Systems

One of the main obstacles business owners face when considering whether to switch to a point-of-sale (POS) system for their commerce needs is considering how a customer may react to the non-traditional transaction system. A POS system is ideal for businesses that mainly process credit card transactions. POS systems are convenient, hassle-free, aesthetically-pleasing and the modern way to conduct business. They provide customers with easy-to-use transaction experiences, and they benefit the owners as well through increased and accurate inventory tracking, less time spent at the register and a more comprehensive commerce system.

However, some customers are not familiar with POS systems and may feel uncomfortable running their credit cards and purchasing goods in this manner. In this case, there are things that business owners and their employees can do to ensure that customers feel at ease when using a POS system, making it easy and convenient for them and thus ensuring that customers are willing to make transactions in this manner.


Many people will feel comfortable using a POS system, particularly if they are familiar with making purchases online or over the phone. However, some may be more traditional and will not want to risk possibly getting their information hacked or the credit card numbers stolen when engaging in a POS system transaction.


Put Yourself In Their Shoes

When dealing with customers like this, it is important to put yourself in their position. It’s common nowadays to hear about major companies dealing with credit card hacking, security breaches and stolen identities. In 2013, retail giant Target was hit with a credit card breach that saw thousands of Target shoppers’ credit card information stolen. It was a huge security threat and many shoppers became disillusioned with Target, resulting in a 46% profit decline for the Target Corporation. Many customers were affected by this security breach, and although Target went to great lengths to ensure its customers that their information was safe, even providing free credit monitoring to customers who may have been affected, people’s faith in credit card transactions, in store or online, faltered.

Who can blame consumers for being weary about swiping their credit cards on POS systems? Security breaches are real and they are costly. However, POS systems like those from Shopify are reliable forms of commerce. Credit card information is secure, private and protected.




POS Systems are Reliable, Safe

A POS system is no different than any other store transaction. Just because a traditional cash register isn’t present doesn’t mean the transaction is any less secure. A POS system still requires the consumer to verify their credit card by providing a signature, and employees should still be trained to confirm the identity of the credit card holder and person attempting to physically use the credit card.

In any event, credit card users assume some sort of risk, however minor, every time they make a purchase. According to The Huffington Post, “Javelin Research estimates that about 7.5 million Americans had a credit card compromised in 2012” However, most people would agree that the convenience, perks and ease-of-use that credit cards provide make these risks worth it. A POS system is no more or less risky than any other type of retail system, and customers should know this. Any POS system worth its salt should provide advanced security, cutting-edge technology and data backups that provide customers and retailers with exceptional security features.

Many experts in retail and commerce believe that POS systems are the future of retail transactions. As more and more small businesses realize their value and convert to these types of transaction systems, they will become more commonplace and customers will become more familiar with them. With time, customers will realize that these types of transactional systems save the business owners money, which translates to lower prices for them. POS systems translate into an improved bottom line for business owners, simply based on time saved and ease of use for customers.


Information is Power

In order to convince more hesitant customers, business owners and their employees must understand and be sensitive to their concerns apart from being willing to explain how a POS system works in detail. For skeptical customers, the proof is in the product. Once they see how convenient and fast POS systems are, they will understand why they are so valuable for business owners. As more and more businesses convert to these types of systems, they will become more and more commonplace, which increases their comfort in using them. POS systems are reliable and secure forms of commerce. They save the business owners time and they are convenient and exceptional systems for tracking inventory, conducting business online or in-store and they make transactions a breeze.


The value of these types of POS systems cannot be overstated. They are the future of commerce.

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