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Mad in Spain 2012 Titles
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Mad in Spain 2012 Titles

The annual Madrid conference “MAD in Spain” brings together some of the greatest talents in the design and motion worlds. As a participant, speaker, and designer of this year’s title sequence, Nando Costa has quite a role in the conference. Yet for such a forward-thinking event, Costa chose to get back to his roots – quite literally! Rather than using 3D typography, Nando hand-painted ceramic vintage letters for all of the type in the titles. He then shot these letters amidst the natural scenery of the woods of Portland, in all of their beauty and mystery. Shooting on the 5D with a small dolly and a combination of prime lenses, he was able to capture the feeling of both an observer and a participant in the process of the typographic assembly. Titles were then finished with additional design and animation in After Effects.

For the sequence, Nando’s intention was to depict several very distinct elements as part of the same ecosystem, similarly to the various distinct speakers coming together for the event. By combining the live-action footage with the vintage typography, he creates a truly organic sequence that still feels modern and innovative.  Our only question – where’s the Spanish moss?




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