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Los Angeles and the new creative community
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Los Angeles and the new creative community

Advertising agency 72andsunny has designed a logo and campaign for an initiative highlighting creative entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, with a long space in between the letters L and A that users can customise.

For the initiative the creative team also created a video, showcasing the logo alongside celebrities like rapper Kendrick Lamar and food truck pioneer Roy Choi, who are often associated with LA.

The logo is for LA Original, a pilot program sponsored by the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles in collaboration with the city’s Office of Economic Development, both run by mayor Eric Garcetti. The non-profit initiative provides a platform for showcasing the LA’s creative community, which has boomed in recent years, as well as promoting locally made and designed goods.

Campaign comes with the slogan “Space to create“, and the wideness of the logo design further implies that LA has physical room to support a growing creative community. A number of local businesses have embraced the trademark and tailored it to their aesthetics, like nail company ORLY and a boutique called Concrete Geometric.

Photography by 72andsunny

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