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Geometric LA Photography | Sallie Harrison
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Geometric LA Photography | Sallie Harrison

If you like photo series like Minimal Pure and Minimal Bangkok, you’ll probably be a big fan of Sallie Harrison’s Los Angeles photograph series as well. This ongoing study of the City of Angels’ geometry and architecture is full of pretty pastel colours (very much in line with the fashionable Pantone colours of 2016) and visually pleasing patterns. See some images below, and click here to visit Sallie’s website to see more.


Photos: Sallie Harrison

SallieHarrison_feeldesain_01 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_02 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_03 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_04 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_05 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_06 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_07 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_08 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_09 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_10 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_11 SallieHarrison_feeldesain_12

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