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logo design

Pentagram has removed Mastercard’s name from its logo

Pentagram has removed Mastercard’s name from its logo, meaning the credit card company will now use only the red and yellow intersecting circles as its brand mark on cards and at physical and digital retail payment points. The distinctive overlapping circles logo will remain the same, but the all-lower case FF Mark typeface company name beneath…

Los Angeles and the new creative community

Advertising agency 72andsunny has designed a logo and campaign for an initiative highlighting creative entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, with a long space in between the letters L and A that users can customise. For the initiative the creative team also created a video, showcasing the logo alongside celebrities like rapper Kendrick Lamar and food truck pioneer…

L’involversi dei loghi // unevolvedbrands

Graham Smith ha un paio di idee su come potrebbero svilupparsi e regredire alcuni dei brands più famosi di sempre. Divertitevi a cercare di riconoscere il marchio di partenza!. sony ericsson star wars facebook bmw tron legacy lego gucci mc donald bp twitter ikea burger king lg flickr telekom red bull dribbble [via]…