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Loch Ness Ladle | Ototo
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Loch Ness Ladle | Ototo

A playful take on the famous photograph claiming to show the Loch Ness Monster, this ladle, designed by Ototo for Animi Causa, would certainly add a touch of fun to any kitchen. When submerged in your soup, it looks like Nessie is swimming in the loch, and his little legs will keep him standing up on the countertop when he’s not in use. The ladle is currently out of stock, but should be available again soon, and will set you back $15.99.

Loch_Ness_Ladle_Ototo_feeldesain_1 Loch_Ness_Ladle_Ototo_feeldesain_2 Loch_Ness_Ladle_Ototo_feeldesain_3 Loch_Ness_Ladle_Ototo_feeldesain_4 Loch_Ness_Ladle_Ototo_feeldesain_7


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