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Liquid Brands Logos
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Liquid Brands Logos

Liquid Brands is a high speed liquid photo series, which combines many creative fields in one. This series uses logos of several popular companies with a creative approach to create a unique brand experience by using liquids. The logo shapes were created out of wood with a laser cutter and were attached to a multifunction tool, which allowed them to spin the logos with a controllable speed. For the pictures they trickled some paint on the logos and started to rotate them. Behind this creation, we find photographer Manuel Mittelpunkt and designer Matthias Grund.

spotify-900x674 pepsi-900x674 mercedes-900x674 nike-900x674 mcdonalds-900x674 lv-900x674 lufthansa-900x674 google-900x674 facebook-900x674 disney-900x674 chanel-900x674 apple-900x674 airbnb-900x674 0twitter-900x674

Photographs by manuel mittelpunkt
Via Fubiz.

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