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Orion Paper | Minh Nguyen
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Orion Paper | Minh Nguyen

Most designers love paper sample kits, and designer Minh Nguyen loves them so much that he even made his own. The California-based designer came up with this sample book/astronomy starter kit for Orion, an imaginary paper company. Inspired by constellations, the set contains a book of 80lb cover stock, illustrated with images of all of the constellations, as well as a field notes book made from 24lb writing paper, as well as a star finder. Images below.

Orion_feeldesain_01 Orion_feeldesain_02 Orion_feeldesain_03 Orion_feeldesain_04 Orion_feeldesain_05 Orion_feeldesain_06 Orion_feeldesain_07 Orion_feeldesain_08

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