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Limited Edition 2015 | Blossa
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Limited Edition 2015 | Blossa

Swedish brand Blossa is almost as famous for its annual limited edition bottles as for its excellent mulled wine. Since 2003, Blossa has set out to create a tempting bottle filled with limited edition glögg to attract its customers. Scandinavian Design Group has been working with Blossa on this challenge since 2011, and the ideas for the bottles come from Blossa’s travels around the world to seek inspiration for new flavours. This year, the limited edition mulled wine was inspired by the most British thing of all, afternoon tea. The designers used the London Tea Company as their departure point, creating a bottle with illustrations by Mikael Ericsson in the white and blue of the traditional china teacups of yesteryear. We love the design and will be looking forward to finding out where Blossa will take us next year!

BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_02 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_03 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_04 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_05 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_06 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_07 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_08 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_09 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_10 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_11 BlossaEdition_FeelDesain_01


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