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Life is a Beautiful Sport
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Life is a Beautiful Sport

Life is a Beautiful Sport by LaCoste

“The Big Leap”, the commercial at the heart of the campaign, uses visual effects to connect physical performance with everyday life. A man overcomes his fears to show a woman he loves her, while he takes a plunge from a high building. It’s a metaphorical plunge into the unknown where there is no turning back and the outcome can only be known once the space between them is crossed.

Schermata 2014-04-07 alle 14.05.59

Schermata 2014-04-07 alle 14.05.49

Schermata 2014-04-07 alle 14.05.21

Schermata 2014-04-07 alle 14.05.16

Advertising Agency: BETC, France
Management: Bertille Toledano, Brune Failliot, Matthieu Kuster
Executive Creative Director: Remi Babinet
Creative Director: Antoine Choque
Art Directors: Damien BellonGabrielle Attia
Copywriters: Gabrielle AttiaDamien Bellon
Strategic Planning: Clement Boisseau
Traffic: Michele Bertona
TC Producer: David Green
Production Company: Wanda
Producers: Patrick BarbierRomain Cavagnac
Sound: Schmooze
Director: Seb Edwards
Music: Discolsure – “You & Me” ft Eliza Doolittle – Flume Remix / Universal Music Publishing


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