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Layer | Sohyun Yun
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Layer | Sohyun Yun

Some items of furniture are easier to personalise than others. You can easily change the look of your table with a tablecloth or some interesting decorations, but chairs are often harder to change according to your mood. That’s where Layer comes in. Designed by Sohyun Yun, it’s a transparent acrylic chair with slots for you to add up to 3 acrylic panels in the seat and the back. The idea behind the chair was to allow people to express their individuality while being sustainable – there’s no need to throw out a chair when a design comes along that you like better, simply incorporate the new design into the old! The designer was also inspired by the layers on Photoshop and the ability to create something beautiful by superimposing one over another. There are various layers available, so you can have a fun, colourful chair, or a more serious one, according to the situation and your mood.


Images: Sohyun Yun via Luck and Miracle

Layer_feeldesain_01 Layer_feeldesain_02 Layer_feeldesain_04 Layer_feeldesain_05 Layer_feeldesain_06 Layer_feeldesain_07 Layer_feeldesain_08 Layer_feeldesain_09 Layer_feeldesain_10 Layer_feeldesain_11 Layer_feeldesain_12 Layer_feeldesain_13 Layer_feeldesain_14

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