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Landscape Photography | matthew albanese
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Landscape Photography | matthew albanese

While some photographers go outdoors to capture stunning images of Mother Nature, other artists recreate these pictures indoors by building miniature dioramas in their studios.Artists Matthew Albanese, Didier Massard and Kim Keever have successfully recreated breathtaking landscapes of crystal clear waters, hyperrealistic lightings, and a mystical forest.These scenes were put together using simple tools and items such as cotton wool, foils, cinnamon, and walnuts.


Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_01 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_02 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_03 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_04 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_05 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_06 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_07 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_08 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_09 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_10 Landscape_Photography_feeldesain_11

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