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Kate Ballis reimagines the iconic Palm Springs landscape
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Kate Ballis reimagines the iconic Palm Springs landscape

Kate Ballis reimagines the iconic Palm Springs landscape in “Infra Realism“, producing hyper-saturated images that exude otherworldliness.


Having already photographed the modernist architecture, vintage cars and immaculate landscaping universally associated with Palm Springs, the Melbourne-based photographer wanted to show the city in a different light — specifically, an infrared one. Using various infrared filters with a Sony Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera, Kate depicts the city as a series of surreal dreamscapes.



Textures of the lush foliage that once blended into the desert landscape are now illuminated in a vibrant blue, beautifully contrasted against the rich magenta sky. A selection of the city’s most iconic locations; the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, the Palm Springs Tennis Club and the Parker hotel, all which have been photographed countless times, are reimagined — swapping pastel hues for intense color contrasts.

Kate is a former media and entertainment lawyer who decided to ditch the corporate life in favour of taking pictures. Getting the opportunity to work under Miles Aldridge was the push she needed to make the leap of faith. Her work straddles fine art, editorial and commercial photography with a focus on landscapes.


All images © Kate Ballis
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