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Birds Birds Birds
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Birds Birds Birds

This series of photographs are by the wonderful Tamara Kenneally, an award winning Australian photographer. She mainly photographs outdoors, and has captured these birds going about their daily lives. Take your time looking at the magnificent colours and textures of these birds – they are so utterly beautiful. We hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we do.


    The beauty of animals captivates me.
    Their truth, instinct and innocence grounds me.
    All I ever wanted to do was to be surrounded by animals, they tell you exactly who they are through their eyes and their behaviour.
    Humans create so much pain for so many animals and without a voice they can’t tell their stories. I try to speak for them through my images.
    I produce bodies of work which look at animal issues whilst also portraying the beauty of the animal.
    I like to represent my subjects as the individual souls and personalities they are.
    All animals are worthy of a happy, enriched life. All of them. The dog chained up in the backyard. The chicken at the factory farm. The bird in the cage. The tiger at the zoo.The pig in the sow stall. All of them.

You can purchase all these photographs via Tamara’s website:











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