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Kangaroo Light | Kawamura Ganjavian
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Kangaroo Light | Kawamura Ganjavian

Spain and Switzerland-based studio Kawamura Ganjavian launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to fund a flexible glowing lamp.


Kawamura Ganjavian created the Kangaroo Light as part of a collaboration with the innovation quarter of Bangor University in the UK.

“The name of the design came from the idea that in the animal world, a kangaroo’s pouch is almost like the equivalent of a built in handbag”. Currently at prototype stage, the light has twenty-four built in LEDs, designed to emit a soft yellow glow and illuminate the bottom of a bag or rucksack. “The design came from observing people in their daily lives and trying to find a way to make their day-to-day routine more playful and practical,” the studio said.


The light can be programmed to turn on or off through touch and an accelerometer built into the device offers a variety of modes, including an ambient setting for reading and brighter torch function.












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