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Just* | Leo Burnett for WWF
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Just* | Leo Burnett for WWF

Creative agency Leo Burnett in Australia worked on this project for WWF, who wanted to encourage the public to rethink their consumption of certain products, and to show that there are often simple and natural alternatives to many everyday products. The agency came up with this campaign, called just*. They created simple (and biodegradable) packaging for a range of products which are usually mass produced, full of harmful chemicals, and sold in plastic containers which often end up in landfill. The products inside the packaging are no ordinary cleaning and beauty products, however; items such as oats, lemon, and cinnamon are sold as skin care, glass cleaner, and mouth wash respectively, and on the just* website, light-hearted videos explain how you can easily transform these things into beauty and cleaning products which are just as effective as their chemical counterparts.

Just_feeldesain_01 Just_feeldesain_02 Just_feeldesain_03 Just_feeldesain_04 Just_feeldesain_05 Just_feeldesain_06 Just campaign launch, Sydney, 01 April 2014 Just_feeldesain_08

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