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Iphone & ipod MiniDock
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Iphone & ipod MiniDock

Take your iPhone or iPod off the floor and dock it on MiniDock while it charges. The dock connects to Apple’s USB adapter, so you simply get rid of the USB cable, plug the dock in the adapter and place your iPhone or iPod and have it charged while resting on the dock. Buy it here ($14.34)

Technical Details

  • Easy to charge your device in the kitchen without taking up precious counter space. While charging, enjoy your favorite music or streaming entertainment.
  • Charging and utilizing your device upright in a hotel room or bedroom is no longer a challenge. Plug in using MiniDock to benefit from all your device has to offer.
  • MiniDock is effortless to pack for travel. Small enough to fit in any pocket of a bag or luggage. The convenience of charging is now at your fingertips.
  • Compatibility with Cases – Like majority of docks available on the market, most type of cases and iPhone bumper may not fit to MiniDock because they are too thick at the bottom and the pins cannot reach to your iPhone or iPod. You will need to remove the case or bumper first before you can charge your iPhone or iPod using MiniDock.


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