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Indipendent Design Festival | Operae

As it reaches its fifth edition, Operæ has become a key appointment in the Italian design agenda. A real performing stage for young designers and new talents, as well as for well-known designers.


During Operæ, you may meet with design studios, handicraft designers, makers, design editors and digital designers as well as buy products that are made in small series or in limited edition, studied in detail and carefully handled during each phase of the production chain, from the idea, output and consequent distribution. Behind each object and collection there is a story to be discovered together with the protagonists.


Below a quick insight into the event, but be sure to check each designer’s page for more thrilling content.

ingresso ingresso3



Piemonte Handmade

piemonte handmade 0 piemonte handmade



Altraforma 360

altraforma 360



Aria Fritta

aria fritta


Andrea Vecera

black notes blacknotes



Capito by Patricia Iberti




Cool de sac

cool de sac










Federico Peri

federico peri


Foro Officine

foro officine



giove lab giove lab2 giove lab3



IED Torino



Johannes Kiessler

johannes kiessler



Johnny Hermann

johnny hermann johnny hermann2




Mr Nico

mr nico mr nico2




poster heroes 2 poster heroes 3 poster heroes






Alessandra Scarfò Design

scarfo 16 scarfo 17 scarfo8




tagmi3 tagmi4 tagmi6




Tonki Tonki2 Tonki3




Turin eyes Turin eyes2 Turin eyes3

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