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Starting from the 10th of November at the Little Big Gallery in Montmartre the new exhibition “Incandescence” will present the work of the French photogrpher Alexis Pichot. The artist is attached to redefine the links there are between performance, photography and painting using as a medium the light. His techniques such as long exposure and the light as a medium. It is though the artist visual, movie and incandescent interventions that Alexis Pichot gives his own experience of reality.


AlexisPichot_feelDesain_04 AlexisPichot_feelDesain_05 AlexisPichot_feelDesain_06 AlexisPichot_feelDesain_07 AlexisPichot_feelDesain_01


AlexisPichot_feelDesain_03 AlexisPichot_feelDesain_08 Alexis Pichot Alexis Pichot Alexis Pichot Alexis Pichot


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