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How Cats See the World
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How Cats See the World

Fascinating Comparison Shows How Cats See the World

Artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm created this fascinating series that compares the differences between how humans and cats see the world. Each comparison includes one scene appearing in two different ways. The top image shows a panorama of crisp and colorful human vision while the bottom image shows a much more washed out, blurry cat perspective.

To create the project, Lamm conducted an extensive amount of research, collaborating with doctors from All Animal Eye Clinic in Michigan, The Animal Eye Institute, and The Ophthalmology Group at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinarian school to ensure that he presented an accurate depiction of our little feline friends.

Lamm discovered a variety of interesting facts, learning that cats can see 6-8 times better than humans in dim light and at night, they have a larger visual field of 200 degrees (compared to 180 degrees for humans), and a cat’s visual acuity is between only 20/100 to 20/200 compared to a perfect vision acuity of 20/20. Although a cat is really unable to appreciate a wide, distant cityscape, the project vividly illustrates how humans and cats have vision that is clearly constructed for function and survival.









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