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Historical Pictogram Posters
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Historical Pictogram Posters

Historical events are made simple with the H-57 Typodesign Strips, a series of pictogram posters created by the Italian design company. The idea behind the pop culture and history-infused infographics is to show that most events can be quickly summarized in “not more than 3 or 4 steps.” H-57 tackles everything from the life and death of Michael Jackson to The History of Adolf Hitler with these priceless pictograms. Star Wars fans will love the Darth Vader Typodesign Strip, while my favorite is the quirky and dark imagery of The History of Marie Antoinette.

The popularity of infographics and typography continues to rise, with movie posters and album art getting simple design makeovers left and right. These H-57 Typodesign Strips are definitely worth checking out for a quick history lesson and some design inspiration.









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