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Hipster Santa | Central
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Hipster Santa | Central

To promote Central, the new shopping mall in Sydney, Australia, creative agency BMF Australia introduced ‘Hipster Santa’.
The modern version of St Nick, Hipster Santa is the “contemporary answer to traditional Christmas”. He prefers to travel on his fixed-gear bike, as compared to flying on his reindeer-pulled sleigh; and coconut water and gluten-free macarons, over milk and cookies. Promoted with street-style photos with overlaid text, shoppers of the mall will be able to chill out with the cool Claus at his workshop, and take Instagram selfies with him. He also has a non-mainstream band called “Hipster Santa and the Antlers”, which will be on digital display, and they play indie covers of Christmas carols.

Hipster Santa would also be adding “Approved by Hipster Santa” tags to ‘must have’ items—things he thinks are “totes amaze”—and he’ll wrap it with his personally branded, recycled wrapping paper, according to Campaign Brief Asia.









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