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Highlights From Łódź Design Festival 2019
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Łódź Design Festival was created in 2007 as a review of the achievements of Polish design. Now in its thirteenth year, the annual trade fair has grown up even more. This year theme is “good life”. Let’s see the highlights from the Festival!

Presenting various aspects of Polish design – from industrial to graphic, architecture to craft – Łódź Design Festival shows in those early years interesting objects that had been produced in this country.


Growing internationally, Łódź Design Festival hosts this year an exhibition by Jaime Hayon, one of the biggest names in contemporary design. The designer presents for the first time “MASQUEMASK INSTALLATION”.

“The concept of the installation lies in creating a range of masks, faces, inspired by graphics and very personal, tridimensional universe of colours, lines and motives. It is a journey on the surface, which has an effect on the form,” says Jaime Hayon.

LABEL Magazine x Bauhaus

This is an initiative for 100 years of Bauhaus, where the anniversary is celebrated through an Bauhaus-inspired poster exhibition designed by the best Polish illustrators and graphic designs. The first exhibition “LABEL Magazine x Bauhaus” will be held in the PURO Hotel in Łódź as part of the Łódź Design Festival, on 18-31 May 2019.

Cooperation with twenty poster designers has resulted in very different projects to be presented throughout the year at exhibitions in the PURO chain hotels. Each poster represents an original and unique interpretation of the idea and style of the Bauhaus.

Romantic Regimes

A gym offers an opportunity to exercise romantic gestures: shaping a heart, handing a flower, giving the right hug, blowing a kiss and strolling hand in hand along the beach. Practice makes perfect.

Two designers Adi Zaffran and Bine Roth want to bring back romance. “With this project we would like to challenge the idea of todays courtship, and to emphasize the importance of our bodily communication resources – using the body as a medium for expression” they said.

Made in paper

How to use different paper and paper-based materials in the field of furniture design, Made in paper exhibition explores the material for specific use in functional-aesthetic, ecological-environmental, socio-cultural and, last but not least, production-economic relationships.

This is a collaboration between young designers from Czechia and Slovakia in terms of student and academic staff mobility and also organize joint workshops and projects.

The One Dollar Glasses project

The winner of Łódź Design Festival’s competition “MAKE ME” goes to Patrick Henry Nagel and Nils Körner (Haus Otto) for the project “The One Dollar Glasses”.

The One Dollar Glasses playfully explores the possibilities of wire in the production of glasses. By educating the people in developing countries and providing them with the right bending tools, they can autonomously produce their own glasses.


Industrial Designer Mateusz Mioduszewski provides another incredible solution to make our lives better and happier within MAKE ME! competition: ASHka, ash-made ceramic.

Living in Silesia, Mateusz Mioduszewski realised how and in what quantities coal is used. Going further into the subject, he noticed that behind the whole economy there are huge deposits of waste, and it should be noted that the majority of energy-related residues are ashes. Numerous attempts have led him to the creation of a plastic made up of as much as 70% of ash waste. This technically tested material proved to be an excellent material for making ceramic plates, dishes and pots with an open possibility to expand the product range

Highlight lamps project

At Łódź Design Festival the High Society Studio wanted to underline the recycling problem they are facing today. “We need a radical change in the way we craft design by avoiding plastic. We want to contribute by crafting sustainable design objects using waste as a primary resource”, said the studio on Instagram.

Here’s the idea of Highlight lamps project. At the Festival people can see the tobacco, the pomace (wine) and the hemp samples.

The Dictionary of Good “Lodzianism” Interpreted by Polish Illustrators

So words typical for the city of Łódź collected in an exhibition. The task each of the artists was given, was to illustrate a slogan or a word used in Łódź, in the form of a poster, using their own individual artistic language.

The result is an exhibition that features 23 large-format illustrations.

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