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The smartest water bottle that syncs with your phone to track daily water intake is called HidrateMe it also glows to remind you when it’s time to drink up! This amazing invention is release by the University of Minnesota alumni founded with the name of HidrateSparksAll you have to do is to set your hydration goal and it goes to work. And since it can also sync to your fitness trackers and apps, it adjusts to the amount of energy you exert, and even different climates. Plus, it comes in a modern design that actually looks like a water bottle instead of a high-tech device. The business launched a campaign on Kickstart that is having a big success.  Check below the video and images, and also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Images Credits: HidrateSparks

HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_10 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_11 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_01 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_02 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_03 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_05 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_07 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_08 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_09 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_12 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_04 HIDRATEme_FeelDesain_06

via HidrateSparks

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