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GRID-IT™ Organizer
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GRID-IT™ Organizer

    • “GRID-IT! is the most flexible compact storage system I’ve ever seen.  – Gizmodo

      The GRID-IT! ™ organization system is an award-winning object retention system made from a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands that hold objects firmly in place. GRID-IT! is currently licensed for use in over 200 products spanning various markets.

      Living in today’s digital world means not only remembering to take your wallet and keys, but also your chargers, ear buds, cell phone and USB drives. And this problem affects many markets, not just electronics. The time consuming ritual of switching from the office bag to the evening purse for a night on the town gets old really fast. Even packing for vacations is a nightmare for most people because of the mountain of stuff to sort through. Yeah, staying organized has not been easy – until now!

      GOT GRID?
      Developed unintentionally during an internal soft-goods design assignment for a new line of travel products, GRID-IT!™ was a tiny sketch on a large wall full of ideas. It was one of those magical “Aha!” moments in which time stopped – completely. When the team had realized the massive impact this beautifully simple idea would have on the market place we did the special Orange22 jiggy dance. We instantly knew GRID-IT!™ would become the backbone of a stand alone, multi-million dollar business. The GRID-IT!™ organization system is a proprietary patent pending object retention system. A unique weave of rubberized elastic bands made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place. Designed to provide endless configurations of objects, digital devices and personal effects, GRID-IT!™ is as versatile as life itself!

      Today, over 200 products incorporate GRID-IT!™ technology throughout a variety of markets including: electronics, cosmetics, sports, tools, automotive and others. From the Today Show to Wired Magazine, the reviews are in and the press can’t get enough. GRID-IT!™ was even spotlighted on the “Back-to-School Bargains” segment of Good Morning America with Becky Worley and Diane Sawyer who emphatically promoted the system to millions of viewers as a replacement for outdated trapper keepers and pencil cases. The GRID-IT!™ panel is offered as a binder insert with a 3-ring design for the ultimate in school supply organization. Going back to school has never been easier. It is finally time to say good ‘griddance’ to your old trapper keeper and pencil pouches!

      GRID-IT ™ Technology is a trademark of Orange22 Design Labs, LLC and is Patent Pending 2011

      “GRID-IT! has solved the riddle.” – Thrillist
      “GRID-IT! the ultimate organizer”  – Sky Mall

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