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Gioele Amaro and the craving mirrors
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Gioele Amaro’s canvases look like metal surfaces, or mirrors, which reflect something indefinite and pleasant.
The impression is that of a holographic game, or something digital, but moving up the colors and shapes do not change as it should happen. As we get closer, we discover that these panels are not made of reflective material.

These canvases are not only visually attractive. Gioele Amaro’s works are his personal reinterpretation of the selfie culture.
Indeed, the reflection is the main topic of the series, both graphically and metaphorically.

Like craving mirrors, the paintings of Gioele Amaro try to capture the most intimate image of a person, but something always eludes the observer.

“I consider them selfies (I take photos in front of a mirroring surface or not) because I am obsessed with the culture of selfies and what we want to communicate through a simple snap. The intention, but above all the projection that we have of us and the context.”

In an abstract way, therefore, these color lines represent a sort of modern self-portrait, in a movement influenced by modernity and too quick to understand completely.

“Despite being selfies, my real image is never seen because it is absorbed by the context -or, the surface is opaque and does not allow duplication. I like to think that we don’t see things as they are but rather as we are, filtered by our experience, personalities, and ideologies! “

Gioele Amaro exhibits with “Water Always Move On” at the Almine Rech Gallery in Brussels, from June 12 to August 1.

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