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Giant Objects
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Giant Objects

Chicago-born Los Angeles-based sculptor Robert Therrien, among other projects, makes giant versions of ordinary household furniture. The everyday objects are transformed into monumental sculptures and fantastic installations.

“The artist’s point of view – from the small world – could be viewed as a large ges­ture pub­li­cally. The prac­tice is cre­at­ing some­thing both large and small. Pub­li­cally, Table and Chairs is per­ceived as a big object, where it actu­ally orig­i­nated from a small detail-a corner bracket sup­port­ing the table leg. Instead of crawl­ing under­neath and pho­tograph­ing an actual table in order to see it, why not shrink your­self and take a normal snapshot?” – Robert Therrien

“No title (Table and four chairs)” 2003 in the Artists Room at the MAC, Belfast on view April 20–July 22, 2012.
Photos by Cathal McNaughton
Standing at almost ten feet tall, No title (Table and four chairs) is a typical dining set reproduced on a giant scale. Towering over you, this colossal artwork provokes memories of childhood and asks us to reconsider household items that we often overlook as adults.

“No Title (folding table and chairs, dark brown” 2008 in the “Lifelike” exhibition at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis on view February 25–May 27, 2012; made of painted metal and fabric.

Is it real? Lifelike invites a close examination of artworks based on commonplace objects and situations, which are startlingly realistic, often playful, and sometimes surreal. This international group exhibition features artists variously using scale, unusual materials, and sly contextual devices to reveal the manner in which their subjects’ “authenticity” is manufactured.

“No title (Stacked plates, mint)” 2006-07 – made of plastic


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