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Geeky Valentine’s Cards | PunnyPixels
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Geeky Valentine’s Cards | PunnyPixels

For a nerdier Valentine’s Day, PunnyPixels have released a collection of cards with geeky puns all over them, ideal for the avid gamer, photographer, graphic designer, or scientist in your life. The bright, bold designs are anything but traditional but maybe you know just the person who would appreciate these punny cards. If so, you can buy them on the PunnyPixels Etsy store. See the full selection below.

Punny_pixel_feeldesain_01 school supplies with copy space on the table; Shutterstock ID 225196960 Punny_pixel_feeldesain_03 Punny_pixel_feeldesain_04 empty frames and old photo on the wooden table; Shutterstock ID 128619539 Top view of a work desk with coffee and mobile phone; Shutterstock ID 247222795 Punny_pixel_feeldesain_07 Office table top view; Shutterstock ID 213631933 Top view of two milk cups; Shutterstock ID 235875652

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