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Alpine Vision Gran Turismo | Renault Alpine
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Alpine Vision Gran Turismo | Renault Alpine

Renault Alpine has unveiled a virtual car, the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo, which has been designed especially for Gran Turismo 6 in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, whose ongoing Vision Gran Turismo program works alongside real carmakers to create concepts for Gran Turismo games. The Renault looks very concept car, but could have some design influences on the racing brand Alpine which comes back to production next year. Renault even unveiled a full-scale prototype the International Automobile Festival in Paris. You might not get to drive one in real life, but PS3 users can download it into Gran Turismo 6 from March.

AlpineVision_feeldesain_01 AlpineVision_feeldesain_02 AlpineVision_feeldesain_03 AlpineVision_feeldesain_04 AlpineVision_feeldesain_05 AlpineVision_feeldesain_06 AlpineVision_feeldesain_07 AlpineVision_feeldesain_08 AlpineVision_feeldesain_09 AlpineVision_feeldesain_10

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