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Foster + | kuwait airport
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Foster + | kuwait airport

internationally practicing london-based firm foster + partners has revealed the design for the ‘kuwait international airport’,
an air hub for the gulf region located in kuwait. the trefoil plan will accommodate the projected increased influx of
transient visitors, growing from an initial 13 million individuals to over 25 million per year with future development
and eventually accommodating 50 million annual travelers. the state-of-the-art terminal building intends to provide
ultimate comfort despite its positioning within the arid desert amidst one of the hottest habitable climates on earth.
gates extend from a 25 meter high central atrium and are distributed between three symmetrical wings which reach
a span of 1.2 kilometers. the linear arrangement contains three levels programmed for arrivals, departures and baggage
claim with minimal vertical changes produces a user friendly organization.

aerial view of the airport masterplan
image © foster + partners

the generated entry sequence is aligned with the hospitality practices of the culture providing an elegant arrival
bordered with cascading pools of water. a surrounding oasis landscape provides a refreshing micro environment
while native plants acclimated to the dry weather were chosen to encompass the complex. a continuous singular
roof is punctured with glazed openings to introduce natural daylight while blocking excessive solar radiation and
encouraging simplified wayfinding. reminiscent of the organic form of the area’s traditional dhow sailing boats,
tapering concrete columns support the projecting perimeter canopy to shade a spacious outdoor entrance plaza.
the material pervades the building’s structure to serve as an insulating thermal mass while large expanses of
photovoltaic panels will harvest energy.

spacious entry atrium with vaulted ceilings
image © foster + partners

‘the scale of the airport shows kuwait’s great foresight in recognising the benefits of strategic investment in
future infrastructure. the environmental ambitions driving the project are equally impressive. we are pleased
to have this opportunity to reveal our designs. the emblematic three-winged form will be as memorable
from the air as from the ground – a new symbol of contemporary kuwait, which resonates with its rich
culture and history.’
 – mouzhan majidi, chief executive of foster + partners

security point
image © foster + partners

moving walkways within terminals are guided by the overhead skylights
image © foster + partners

upper level corridor
image © foster + partners

escalators descend to the lower level with views of the tarmac
image © foster + partners

lower level corridor along grand bay windows
image © foster + partners

boarding gates
image © foster + partners

baggage claim
image © foster + partners

vehicular access
image © foster + partners

view of the three wings from the tarmac
image © foster + partners

airport at night
image © foster + partners

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