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Forward Session x Pergraphica At Triennale Di Milano
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In 2019 people still need to celebrate the value of paper, a mean of expression used by artists, editorials and more. On June 27th, we joined the first Italian event organized by Forward Festivals in collaboration with paper producer Mondi. The format is called Forward Session X PERGRAPHICA®, whose purpose is to celebrate paper and paper craft!

Moreover, PERGRAPHICA® is a range of premium uncoated design papers for professional print, produced by Mondi Group.

The paper producer Mondi started this event series in different cities in Europe. After having a blast start of the Forward Session x PERGRAPHICA® in Berlin and Vienna, now it was up to Milan, Italy.

Hosted at La Triennale di Milano, the illustration studio and paper duo Bomboland amazed the guests with their stunning paper crafts. Handcrafting matters – this is the main message of the events.

In The Fabolous World of Paper By Bomboland

Bomboland is Maurizio Santucci and Elisa Cerri. With flair and detail, they create extraordinary works, appreciated worldwide. Maurizio shared with the creative audience the beginning of his career working for several agencies until 2006, when he decided to go it alone and draw. Then Elisa joined him and they created a true studio. Since then, their illustrations started to circulate on the Internet and now can be found on the pages of publications like the Washington Post or Wired, or become advert campaigns for colossals like La Scala, Eni, Nokia, Mini BMW, BNL.

Impressive is the outdoor advertisement realized for children’s charity Misereor (Germany), where the creative duo had to combine a billboard with paper and an interactive donation box. Watch it below!

In the picture below a poster dedicated to Cinque Terre, Italy with the aim of showing through Bomboland’s eyes this beautiful location. The result is a poster in limited edition of 1000 numbered copies.

This was the fourth Forward Session x Pergraphica. If you love paper, follow Forward Session x PERGRAPHICA® and keep up-to-date!

Pictures by Pergraphica

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