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Ford EVOS Concept Car
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Ford EVOS Concept Car

In addition to the previously posted Lexus LF-LC hybrid coupe, Ford also gives us a sneak peek at their latest conceptual creation. More images after the click.

Soon to be displayed at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford‘s new EVOS concept car is designed in the same vein as many recent crossover vehicles. Considerably more sporty and streamlined than what would be typically expected from the manufacturer, the EVOS features 4 gull-wing doors, along with an updated trapezoidal grill. The most talked about and anticipated features of the new car, however, are the updated SYNC-controlled apps, doubling the amount that are available with current Ford models. With in-car access to the driver’s personal Cloud, they will have access to all files from their home computer while on the road.

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