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For the love of Jafflechutes
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For the love of Jafflechutes

Don’t know what jafflechutes is? Well, it’s simple really: a jafflechute is a delicious jaffle attached to a parachute . They call themselves Melbourne’s first float-down eatery.

How do I get a jafflechute?
Pay on PayPal, select a time (we’ll let you know which hours we’re working), stand on the ‘X’ marked outside [mystery location] at that time and await your jaffle to appear in the sky.

Check out and follow Jafflechutes on Facebook or on Twitter to get a heads up and put your order in the next time it’s time for some parachuting goodness to head your way!

Schermata 2014-05-13 alle 10.08.54

Schermata 2014-05-13 alle 10.08.26

Schermata 2014-05-13 alle 10.08.01

Schermata 2014-05-13 alle 10.07.48

Schermata 2014-05-13 alle 10.07.40

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