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Africa is not a country
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Africa is not a country

To dispel the misconceptions that people have about Africans, the African Students Association of New York’s Ithaca College has come up with this thought-provoking photo series.
Students aged 18 to 21 were asked to pose with many different African flags, telling the photographer, Mariah Boucher, some of the “offensive” stereotypes that have been tacked to people of African descent.

According to Rita Bunatal, the PR head of the organization, this project is about showing the beauty and power of the many different flags in the continent, and to correct the erroneous perception that Africa is a country.
“We wanted to give facts, to correct, to give knowledge,” stated Bunatal, and she hopes that people will stop believing in these stereotypes that plague the continent and its people.

What do you think—is this photo campaign effective in confronting these misconceptions? 






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