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Flowerium PV | Makoto Hirahara
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Flowerium PV | Makoto Hirahara

“Flowerium is an application that observes the grow of virtual plant, and collects favorite flowers. When a beautiful flower blooms, let’s share the image with the friend.

The seed is sown when you touch the screen, it falls on the ground and then, new bud comes out. The plant are filled with energy of the sun that fall down on it and grows up. Therefore, it withers when it is a shadow of other plants.

The flower blooms when growing up as well. It is possible to preserve it by giving the name when it touches the liked flower. The preserved flower can be seen from Library, and the thing that seeds it can be done, too.

It becomes a seed when there is a sufficient nutrition when the flower is in blossom. The seed has succeeded parents’ genes. It hybridizes and it is inherited…both characters…when other plant flower is in blossom. The mutation might sometimes occur, and a change different from usual hybridization be done. The botanical image can be preserved in the camera roll, and tweeted. Drawing of the plant is made by openFrameworks. I thank and respect the developers.”

Video and words: Makoto Hirahara

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