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Felt App | Handwritten Cards are back
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Felt App | Handwritten Cards are back

Felt App | Handwritten Cards are back

Felt is an innovative new app that lets you send out handwritten cards with the convenience of digital technology.

This iPad app allows users to choose from a range of original card designs before customizing it with a handwritten message—these messages are actually written by hand on the iPad,
and not typed out using a standard font, thus retaining their personal touch.

The postage details on the envelopes are also handwritten, just like when one sends out a physical card—only in this case, you are spared the hassle of having to buy stamps and dropping it off at the post office.
After you have completed your card, Felt would print your handwriting onto physical cards and envelopes, before shipping it off to the receipient.
What do you think—another unsuccessful attempt to replicate the warmth of handwritten mail, or a brilliant way to retain a human touch in the digital age?





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