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Feel Me | Marco Triverio
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Feel Me | Marco Triverio

Feel Me is a project by Marco Triverio that explores the gap between synchronous and asynchronous communication using our mobile device in attempt to “connect differently” and enrich digital communications. Whereas we draw lines between phone conversations and sms messages, Feel Me looks for space in between that would allow you to be intimate in realtime, non-verbally using touch.
Based on the finding for which communications with a special person are not about content going back and forth but rather about perceiving the presence of the other person on the other side, Feel Me opens a real-time interactive channel.

Feel Me first appears to be a text messaging application. When two people are both looking at the conversation they are having, touches on the screen of one side are shown on the other side as small dots. Touching the same spot triggers a small reaction, such as a vibration or a sound, acknowledging that both parts are there at the same time.
Feel Me creates a playful link with the person on the other side, opening a channel for a non-verbal and interactive connection.

“Feel Me” was awarded honors at CIID. Marco is currently working as an interaction designer at IDEO.

See also concept development videos below.

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