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Faces in Buildings
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Faces in Buildings

We hope you enjoy this post. We really enjoyed searching for buildings that look like faces – some are happy, some are sad, some are just plain funny. Who would have thought that windows and doors can create such character? We are all for it!!

So, get scrolling, and enjoy the faces in the buildings.

A bit shocked, below:
Dorky smile:
Building in Fremantle, Australia
Saucy eyes:
Shocked and happy:
This is our personal favourite, below:
Round-eyed brick wall
Maybe a bit sad and scared?
Modern building
Cross-eyed, dorky, anticipatory:
Toothy smile, Yokohama
Shocked and a bit bored:
Building in Heidelberg, Germany
Smiley, teenage mutant ninja turtle:
Tetris-like facade in Albuquerque
Shocked and not impressed:
Startled in Singapore
Excited and happy:
Not very happy:

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