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El Moro | Cadena Asociados
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El Moro | Cadena Asociados

El Moro is arguably the most famous churreria in Mexico City, but while rich in history, it was lacking in style and was not keeping up to date with its patrons. That’s where Cadena Asociados came in. The Mexican studio created a concept which brings together El Moro’s family values and history, and unites them with modern style and up-to-date patterns in order to create an all-encompassing brand image that reflects the quality of the amazing churro spot. The interior includes two-tone patterned tiling inspired by the more multi-coloured tiles in the original structure, while simple lettering identifies the shop. The patterns are featured on napkins, mugs and more, which must look fantastic against the all-white furniture.


Images: Moritz Bernoully via Design Boom

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