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Domaine Lepovo | Petar Pavlov
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Domaine Lepovo | Petar Pavlov

Domaine Lepovo is a premium Macedonian wine. The specific location of the vineyards create perfect conditions for the production of this high quality wine. The term ‘Domaine’ implies that the overall production process is carried out at the same location where the grapes are grown.  The brand identity and the wine label design reflects the uniqueness of the Lepovo site, starting with a mark that symbolizes the natural ‘ingredients’ responsible for the outstanding quality of this wine – sun, moon (night), water, soil and wind.
Designer: Petar Pavlov
Client: Domaine Lepovo
Location: Macedonia
Project Type: Commercial Work
Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_01 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_02 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_03 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_04 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_05 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_06 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_07 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_08 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_09 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_10 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_11 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_12 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_13 Domaine-Lepovo_feeldesain_14


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