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Dog Accessories | Nendo
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Dog Accessories | Nendo

Cleverly Designed, Stylish And Multi-Functional Dog Accessories For Your Pet

Japanese designer Nendo has designed some beautiful, multi-functional accessories that you will definitely want if you have a dog.

In this three-piece collection comprising of a dog bed, dishes and toys, the bed can be expanded to become a little cave for your dog to sit inside. When compressed, it is a cushion for them to lie on.

The dishes made out of ceramic are entirely reversible, becoming a shallow dish for food on one side, and a deep dish for liquids on the other. The silicon rubber ‘bone’ can be reshaped into a ball by tucking in the two ends.

These thoughtful dog accessories are not just multi-functional and thoughtful, but also very stylish.
Definitely what you want for your home if you are a dog owner.

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