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DataSTICKIES concept
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DataSTICKIES concept

A start-up company hopes to launch a new consumer data storage product that uses film-thin, graphene-based flash drives users can make notations on and then stick anywhere like a sticky note. The namesake company, dataSTICKIES, said the futuristic design concept is aimed at replacing thumb drives that it said are difficult to insert into computers. The graphene-based sticky note flash drives, which are only in conceptual stage right now, would relay data to a computer via a proprietary interface that the company calls Optical Data Transfer Surface (ODTS).


“DataSTICKIES are envisaged to solve this problem by carrying data like a stack of sticky-back notes,” the company wrote on its website. “Each of the dataSTICKIES can be simply peeled from the stack and stuck anywhere on the proposed ODTS.


“They also provide an opportunity to bridge the virtual world and the physical world. Digital data becomes easier to associate with, as it can be integrated with the physical objects it relates to.”














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