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Do you think this is an aquarium? A kinetic sculpture? An ambient light? Well, The Darwin Tank is all of these things, a glass to watch the movement of jellyfish with a continuous filtration system to keep them moving and alive. The minds behind this unusual design go by the witty play of words, The Darwin Sect formed by Florence Samain and Dave Monfort, two naturalists passionate about design objects able to built this amazing modern and elegant capsule, fascinating not only children but also adults. Let the shadows cast on the walls and ceiling hypnotize you. The two naturalist were able to engage the world of nature and science. You can also follow them on Instagram Facebook for more images and updates and also discover their YouTube Channel! Also share and support their campaign on Kickstarter!



DarwinTankJellyfish_FeelDesain_05 DarwinTankJellyfish_FeelDesain_06 DarwinTankJellyfish_FeelDesain_01 DarwinTankJellyfish_FeelDesain_02 DarwinTankJellyfish_FeelDesain_03 DarwinTankJellyfish_FeelDesain_04 DarwinTankJellyfish_FeelDesain_07



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