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Dagger & Co. | Chad Michael
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Dagger & Co. | Chad Michael

When you think of a tattoo shop, a certain aesthetic springs to mind, and it’s certainly much less glamorous than this. The two owners of the Dagger & Co. Tattoo Shop in Malta asked designer Chad Michael to make their shop stand out from the crowd, and the result is this luxurious but still very tattoo-y corporate identity. With classy appointment reminders, gold foil business cards, and even wax seals on envelopes, and a logo which combines modern design with traditional tattoo styles, the shop definitely exudes cool. Dagger & Co. also launched Malta’s first international tattoo convention, which the designer also created posters for.

D&Co_feeldesain_01 D&Co_feeldesain_02 D&Co_feeldesain_03 D&Co_feeldesain_04 D&Co_feeldesain_05 D&Co_feeldesain_06 D&Co_feeldesain_07 D&Co_feeldesain_08 D&Co_feeldesain_09 D&Co_feeldesain_10 D&Co_feeldesain_11

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