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Custom Mathematical Knits | KnitYak
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Custom Mathematical Knits | KnitYak

What if we told you that these pretty scarves are a lot nerdier than they appear? Fabienne Serriere is a mathematician with a passion for knitting, and she’s combined the two things to create KnitYak, and these awesome and totally unique scarves. Unique is a word we hear thrown around a lot, but these accessories truly are one of a kind – Fabienne knits algorithmic computer generated designs to make scarves with an non-repeating pattern, and each one is different from the last, which she proves by providing each customer with the special code of their pattern. The scarves are made using a modified knitting machine and high quality merino wool. For the time being, the scarves are only available in black and white, but they’re very easy to match to any outfit or to use as a statement piece. Find out more on Kickstarter.

KnitYak_feeldesain_01 KnitYak_feeldesain_02 KnitYak_feeldesain_03 KnitYak_feeldesain_04 KnitYak_feeldesain_05

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