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Curbside Haiku | Safety in the streets of NYC
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Curbside Haiku | Safety in the streets of NYC

John Morse has brought his unique blend of imagery and poetry to the streets of New York City.”

Following the 2010 Atlanta installation “Roadside Haiku,” the New York City Department of Transportation commissioned Curbside Haiku for 2011.

Via image, text and qr code, NYC’s DOT will install over 200 signs around the city on light poles and at public parking lots using image and haiku to engage distracted pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in an attempt to make them more sensitive to their whereabouts and encouraging them to share the street.

To kick off the project, NewYork Commissioner of Transportation Janette Sadik-Khan is hosting a fundraiser featuring the “Curbside Haiku” images to benefit the Safe Streets Fund at the Center for Architecture, 536 La Guardia Place, New York, NY 10012, 6-8 pm, Monday, November 28.

Check out the twelve designs (PDF FILES)

Worst NYC Hot Spot

Cars crossing sidewalk:
Worst New York City hotspot
To run into friends


Too Advserse To Risk

Too averse to risk
To chance the lottery, yet
Steps into traffic


Imagine a World

Imagine a world
Where your every move matters.
Welcome to that world.

Agressive Driver

Aggressive driver.
Aggressive pedestrian.
Two crash test dummies.

Eight Million Swimming

8 million swimming,
The traffic rolling like waves
Watch for undertow.

Cyclist Writes Screenplay

Cyclist writes screenplay
Plot features bike lane drama
How pedestrian

Puerta Del Coche

Puerta del coche
Se abre al ciclista
Un freno duro

A Sudden Car Door

A sudden car door,
Cyclist’s story rewritten.
Fractured narrative

Car Stops Near Bike

Car stops near bike lane
Cyclist entering raffle
Unwanted door prize

She Walks In Beauty

She walks in beauty
Like the night. Maybe that’s why
Drivers can’t see her.

Oncoming Cars Rush

Oncoming cars rush
Each a 3-ton bullet.
And you, flesh and bone.

Coches Ciegos

Coches ciegos
Comunicarse en Braille.
Remate brutal.


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