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Crossing Europe’s Crossings | Poike Stomps
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Crossing Europe’s Crossings | Poike Stomps

Crossing Europe’s Crossings is a very interesting project by amsterdam-based photographer Poike Stomps. He shoot pedestrians at busy intersections around the world, for exatly, he makes a total of 40 cities: 27 EU countries, ( Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Budapest,  Luxemburg, Reykjavik, etc..)  and also three other countries that have no outspoken intention at all, but that he does want to involve in this project: Norway, Switzerland and Russia.
He says:
“At those crossroads, I want to catch something that is characteristic of that place, for those people. Differences and similarities will thus show next to each other. Meanwhile a complete “streetscape” of European cities will arise. Intersections are places where you briefly encounter your fellowman, almost without really noticing.”

You can find all the series on his personal TUMBLR PAGE:


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