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Sicilian Elders – Anziani Siciliani
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Sicilian Elders – Anziani Siciliani

Sicily, an island of immense beauty: amazingly detailed and opulent architecture, rugged sunburnt countryside, fabulous food, and seriously cute nonnas. These photos show a brief snapshot into the everyday lives of elderly Sicilians doing everyday things: at the traditional barber’s shop, strolling down the street, sitting in the sun, standing in doorways watching the day go by, or gesticulating over coffee. When I asked them in my broken Italian if I could take their photo, their faces would light up in response: “Of course!!”

Take a moment to look at their character, the lines on their faces, their clothes and shoes, and their smiles.
Photos by Sarah Crowley, Australian Architect.

Photos by Sarah Crowley, Australian Architect.


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